Furniture Projects for Your Man

A bit of a different one for you today. Mary-Jane joins us in this piece. This one is for you wives and girlfriends out there!


If you don’t like how your couch, loveseat, chair, outdoor furniture, or other upholstery looks in your house, outside your house, in your RV, or on your boat, do something about it. Don’t throw it away if there is hope for re-purposing your upholstered furnishings.

I have a habit of finding bargain furniture pieces at yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, and in free stuff listings now and then. My husband probably gets tired of renovating them with fabric paint, but he’s so good at it and I always get something that is new to me after he’s done.

Simply Spray fabric paint is the easiest and best way to re-purpose upholstered furniture in my opinion. My husband is quickly becoming an expert at spraying and making patterns and designs on various pieces of furniture from the pictures I find of Simply Spray projects online. Some pieces of our furniture are used outdoors and some indoors. I have even given certain pieces he’s worked on to family or friends as gifts.

I seldom do more than just watch him spray paint various articles of furniture and sometimes clothing because he likes doing it and he’s very good at it. It pays to be married to a creative and industrious man.

We have bought some of the various fabric spray paint kits and some single colors for our projects. I highly recommend Simply Spray fabric spray for upholstery because it stays soft and doesn’t affect the texture of the upholstery, but it will cover up stains and rejuvenate old, ugly furniture that you would rather keep than throw or give away.

This navy blue is a favorite color we like to use. My husband has painted pillows, outdoor furniture, and a chair or two in navy with nautical designs just for me. Simply Spray has a multitude of colors, so you can choose your favorite and enjoy the benefits of using it like we have.


You could turn ugly chairs like these:

Fabric paint - chair 1

Fabric paint - chair 2

Into brand new-looking chic pieces of functional furniture like these:

fabric dye - chair 3

fabric dye - chair 4


I found these Simply Spray images to get ideas for my furniture, so now you can help your guy find inspiration for something you might pick up at your local flea market, thrift store, or yard sale.

Covering up flaws and stains makes old furniture look new again, but Simply Spray fabric paint for upholstery goes beyond aesthetic benefits.

It’s a faster, easier, less messy, less tedious, more efficient way to give an old or stained couch, chair, loveseat, or other upholstered furniture a new life. If you’ve ever tried reupholstering furniture, like my husband and I have, you would understand why we have chosen to go with Simply Spray for all our furniture ad fabric projects.

The costs of having old furniture reupholstered is out of our financial league, which makes Simply Spray highly cost-efficient for us as well. I looked into it once and I saved over $200 in labor and materials by using Simply Spray on just one loveseat.

If you’re a creative, industrious man like my husband, or you’re married to that kind of guy, get some projects started.