What Is Beard Oil? And Why Beard Oil Is Essential to the Modern Gentleman

What Is Beard Oil? Nowadays there is absolutely everything you could want to keep your beard trim and well groomed from special combs to electric beard trimmers. However, if you just use tools such as these, you are not giving enough attention to something very crucial, the actual body of the beard. The thing you should be investing in to help complete your grooming process is the best beard oil possible! This is not just a product that has aesthetic and scent value, but also one that has functional value too. As well as smelling great, it also helps improve your beard’s health.

To further explain the values of beard oil, lets look at the fact it can be used as a replacement for aftershave or cologne. While they will make your beard and face smell of citrus fruits, or a warm woodland area, the actual ingredients used to achieve the scents are all-natural and very healthy for your skin. You therefore have confidence that it is a good investment for your bathroom cabinet and daily or weekly beard grooming regime.

However, the natural ingredients should not been seen merely as some kind of side benefit. They are the very reason why beard oil is so good for your face and beard. When oils such as castor, almond and Jojoba are used alongside essential oils and that is the only ingredients needed, you know it can’t be bad. It could be argued that Jojoba oil is the most important ingredient. It has been used for many years by Native Americans and is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and boosts the levels of natural oils found in your beard. By working some beard oil into your moustache and beard, you are sending hydration directly to the hair follicles, in a similar fashion to how a conditioner helps your hair.

The hydration produced helps to keep your facial hair healthy as you grow it out. It is not just the hair that benefits from this hydration as the skin underneath your beard also benefits. This part of your face normally does not get much attention thanks to the beard covering it, so it can be something of a relief. Beard oil can also prevent dandruff of your beard, most commonly known as beard flakes. Which is obviously something you’d want to avoid if possible.

It is not just on the surface that beard oil helps your hair and skin, as it can also be utilised as an additional grooming tool. The ingredients that hydrate the hair and skin, help to keep it smooth and neat with a very tangle-free, soft, must touch look.

In order to use beard oil properly, you need to take roughly a penny sized amount onto one of your palms and then spread it across all of your fingers. Now take the oil and apply it to the skin directly under your beard in order to ensure that the hydrating process begins at its source. You can then start to work the remainder of oil through your beard hair and moustache. At this point you should be taking out your comb and giving your beard a bit of a brush with it. There is no right or wrong way to apply beard oil and the regularity of applying it may comes down to the hardness of the water in your area and the dryness of the climate.

Beards continue to be popular and that popularity shows no signs of fading any time soon. If you don’t look after your beard, you could end up looking like a homeless person; but if you engage in regular and consistent beard grooming as part of your day to day routine, it can be a sophisticated and stylish looking thing.

If you feel like using beard oil with your chin hair may be less than masculine, there is nothing manly about an unkept beard. It can give your beard the style and well being it needs to stop it looking like any other beard on any other guy. The interesting thing is that beard oil, while the ingredients have been used for various things over the years, did not exist online or anywhere popular until about 2006.

With all of the above in mind, looking at the question for this post set in the title – Why is beard oil so good? Because it helps to improve and enhance the over all health of your face, skin and hair and helps it look greet and smell even better too.

Simon is an avid beard lover, grower and admirer with years of experience in everything beard related. Him and the team at Beard Oil Guru dedicate their time to proving helpful tips, detailed reviews and general advice on becoming a 'Modern Gentleman'.