Top Dental Products for Men

It’s no secret that dirty, smelly breath will put off just about anyone.  Your boss, your family, your friends, that brunette that you’ve been eyeing all night.  Personal hygiene is an essential part to the make up of a man.  And dental hygiene is a key component of that.  If you’ve missed one, two or several dentist appointments, first of all how dare you, but second you can try your hand at taking matters into your own hands.  Literally.  We give you a handful of products below that is sure to take your dental hygiene to the next level.


Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus

If you haven’t flossed since your last dentist visit when he showed you how, first of all ew!, second go online right now and grab a pack or six of these.  Flossing allows you to get down in to the nooks and crevices in between your teeth and below your gum line to remove detritus that may be causing that bad breath.  Plus it’s just damn good hygiene.  Keep your mouth clean.  Remove rotting matter.  Get rid of odor causing bacteria and decrease your odds of getting tooth or gum decay.  Any other questions on why flossing today should be your top priority?



If using a flossing string is a bit too much for you or if you have super sensitive teeth, then maybe try using a soft-pick.  You can actually get pretty surgical using these and you have far more control with regards to placement and pressure than with a string floss.  This one comes in a 3-pack and each pack has a different tip to meet all your cleaning needs.  Not only that but the light rubbing on your gums actually stimulates healthier gum development.  It’s a win, win.


Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator with High Capacity Water Tank by ToiletTree Products

Go hi-tech with this oral irrigator.  It’s like flossing, but now you don’t even have to touch your mouth.  Let a high pressure stream of water, reminiscent of the exact same devices used in dental clinics, clean your teeth, mouth and gums.  This updated version promises to have a quieter motor (no more bringing a motor boat to your face), higher volume capacity (so you don’t have to refill water midway through cleaning your teeth) and lithium ion batteries for longer stints between charging.


Tooth Polisher & Whitener

Go pro with this tooth polisher and whitener.  It’s almost the exact same device your dentist or hygienist uses to clean and polish your teeth.  This may seem over the top, but it’s on Amazon for a decent price and will give you professional quality white teeth from the comfort of your bathroom.  So why not give it a go.  The device comes with 4 polishing cups and each cup is good for 100 uses!


Dental Mouth Guard by Bruxism

It doesn’t matter how good of a cleaning or polishing job you do to your teeth if you are just unconsciously destroying them during your sleep.  Teeth grinding is far more common than you would think, but there is an easy solution.  Mouth guards.  No, you are not fighting at bed time.  Using a mouth guard ensures that even if you do grind your teeth, then they will be safe for the night.  But there are added benefits as well.  The clenching of the teeth often associated with night grinding often strains the jaw muscles, colloquially known as the TMJ.  The springy nature of the mouth guard relieves tension from the TMJ and giving you a pain-free morning.