Be Creative for Your Creative

Getting a present for your budding artist can be tough at times.  Creatives think and feel differently than most people.  It is their most important trait as it allows them to craft, mold, sing and play, but it is what usually stupefies gift givers.  Too often have gifters thrown up their arms in surrender and copped out with a gift card or some cash.  But this year, why not take the extra step and get them a gift that they will not only like but also be inspired by.  Here are a handful of ideas for the artiste in your life.


Made by Tatum Wall Map

What may look like just another map from afar is actually an inspiring piece of art up-close.  Using only wood, nails and wire, LA-based artist Cherice Tatum creates maps and shapes by repetitively wrapping the wire over a lattice work of nails.  The result is a mind-boggling work of art full of clean lines and interesting shapes formed by the intricate wire work.  Let Tatum’s art inspire his art with these one-of-a-kind maps.


Camera Lens Mug

For your special shutterbug.  This mug has the look and feel a real lens down to the lens cap.  Photographers usually imbibe in their choice of fuel to get through the hours of sorting, editing and preparation of their photoshoots.  Make sure that he is inspired and perked up with this mug that is sure to grab the camera man in your life.


Ty Mattson’s Star Wars Prints

Unleash his force (and inner geek) with Ty Mattson’s throwback Star Wars prints.  Using the much beloved film as his inspiration, Mattson has been able to create some throwback posters which has a vintage feel to them.  With at least 9 different prints currently available, there are prints that members of the Light and Dark Sides will enjoy.  Plus, what kind of man doesn’t like a big Darth Vader poster on their wall anyway?  No one that’s who.


Cinema Drivers Prints

Artist Mainger has seamlessly combined films and cars with his latest set of prints.  Each shows an iconic character from the silver screen and the car (or motorcycle) that they are associated with.  From Marty McFly and his DeLorean to Kill Bill’s “Bride” and her motorcycle, these prints pull on the nostalgia strings while hitting you with a pop of color.  Great to put up on any wall and with over 10 prints to choose from you can easily find one or three to match your man’s creative tastes.


New Polaroid Instant Camera

While digital cameras and smartphones are now the favored choice for most photography, there is a select group of people that still enjoys their Polaroids.  These hardcore fanatics have been obsessed with the camera since the first land cameras hit the market.  These days “old school” technology such as the Super 8 film recorder and Polaroids are enjoying a resurgence in mainstream culture.  It is “hip” once again.


Proponents of Polaroids love them because they generate a physical picture that you can share with your friends right away.  No matter how antiquated or analog it may seem, believe us when we say that your shutterbug will not be able to resist the allures of a Polaroid and will be happy that he received one from you.


Film Director Portraits

Your movie buff will light up once you present him with one of these prints.  By collaborating with artist Julian Rentzsch, German design studio Stellavie has created these beautiful works of art portraying some of the most iconic directors of our age.  The likes of Martin Scorcese, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino and Alfred Hitchcock are but a few of the filmmakers that can now grace the walls and desks of your move fan.  Each print depicts the director and a host of characters from the movies they filmed.  Beautiful artwork, amazing typography and nostalgia all fill the acid-free cotton paper with a masterpiece that will stand the test of time, just like the films of the directors that they honor.

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