Timepieces for a Timeless Man

Call your man a horologist and one of two things will happen.  He will either mimic a deer in the headlights as the term goes right over his head.  Or, he smiles and nods as you acknowledge his proclivity for only the best watches.  If you think buying a watch as a mens gift is an easy task then read on, because you are dead wrong.  A man’s timepiece tells more than the time, it gives an insight as to what kind of man he is on the inside.  Here are a couple of pieces to consider for the most discerning of men.


Filson Dutch Harbor Watch


Synonymous with the elegant combination of style and functionality, Filson has been making apparel, bags and accessories with the outdoors in mind.  The product have been praised for seamlessly integrating the grit and ruggedness, found in most outdoorsman and sporting goods, with the style and cut of the latest fashion trends.  And, their range of Dutch Harbor watches are no different.  The largest and minimalist face screams testosterone and straight up manliness. But with a splash of color, Filson has instantly made the piece into a fashionable item.


The Movado Edge

With their latest timepiece, Movado recruited the help of design guru Yves Behar.  A simple Google search will show you Behar’s influence on brands like Samsung, Jawbone, PUMA and Swarovski.  Behar is known for blending industrial forms and high fashion into a single flowing product.  With the Edge, Behar got rid of all time markings and instead opted for clean ridges.  The face itself feels like an a drop of water has somehow penetrated an flat piece of onyx.  Get this for your man if you want to his penchant for style and fashion to be reflected on his wrist.


TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

To many of today’s techies, most watches are up there with dinosaurs.  After all, they only serve a single function, to tell time.  Well, this is no longer true.  Iconic watch maker TAG Heuer has tried to bridge the gap between tradition and tomorrow with their Connected Smartwatch.  Powered with Google’s Android Wear OS, the Connected Smartwatch features an enlarged face that houses a 1.5” screen that is as visible in the bright of day as it is in the dark of night.  TAG Heuer was able to merge the technology of today with the timeless look and styling of its most iconic watches.


MVMT Watches

The new kid on the block, MVMT watches are providing customers with sleek, stylish and minimalist watches for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.  By cutting out the middleman and selling directly to the consumer, MVMT is able to get its products like the Black&Tan with its minimalist yet classic look to consumers for under a $100.  With such a low price, you may think that the watch is poorly made or that it may not look good, but you would be wrong, so very wrong.  Just take a look, see and be wowed, by the price and by the watch.