Snap! Gifts for your photophile

Yes, you heard that right.  Photophile, it’s an actual thing.  These men are actually very easy to identify.  They are the ones that would rather sling a camera over a shoulder rather than a fancy leather bag.  They are more at home with a lens in front of their eyes rather than the trendiest sunglasses.  They are willing to sacrifice life, limb and an expensive shirt just to get that perfect shot.  If you have a man like this in your life, then pay close attention, as it will be sure to brighten their day when they open a box from you containing one of these gifts.


The Lumenati CS1

2015 and 2016 have seen a resurgence in nostalgic devices such as the Super 8 camera.  With modern advances in technology these beautifully designed but older devices are making a comeback in the mainstream.  The Lumenati CS1 basically turns your iPhone into a Super 8.  Just pop in your iPhone into the light and mostly plastic housing, and start recording legit videos with the old timey feel that has become associated with  Super 8’s.


Lensbaby Lenses

Lensbaby has carved out a niche in the photography market by providing unique lenses and optics that produces some really jawdropping shots and effects.  Take the Velvet 56 for example.  Inspired by old school portraits and photographs, the Velvet 56 gives the photographer the ability to produce time-touched, buttery smooth images that have an unmistakable vintage glow to them.  Nothing piques a photographers interest more than a new tool, device or lens that will yield a one a kind shot.  Get him the Velvet 56 or any of the other products from Lensbaby and watch his smile grow.


Nikon 1J5 Mirrorless Digital Camera


Talk to any photographer and they will tell you that they will do anything to get “the shot”.  But what they won’t tell you is how much their necks, shoulders and backs hurt from the heavy DSLR cameras they wield.  In fact, they may even say that they prefer DSLR’s and that they are purists.  But we have never seen a photographer pickup one of the new mirrorless cameras and then go back to DSLRs.  The fact is that today’s mirrorless cameras, like Nikon’s 1J5, are just as good if not better than traditional DSLRs.  The main difference is that they come in at a fraction of the weight traditionally associated with DSLRs.  The Nikon 1J5, for example, shoots high speed photos with the resolution and quality much better than many of its predecessors and contemporaries.  And it looks good to boot with its black leather-like face that is a throwback to the cameras of old.  And did we mention that it shoots video in 4K?  All this, and the ability to shoot 20.8 megapixel pictures, what photographer would not want to add it to their arsenal?  Get this for your shutterbug and he will thank you for years to come as he pumps out one amazing photo after another.