Gifts for the Discerning Metrosexual

Does the man in your life spend as much time in front of a mirror as you do?  Are they as meticulous with their hair as they are about color matching their attire?  Looks like you have a bit of a fashionista on your hands.  Men like these tend to have refined personal tastes.  So make sure that what you get them aligns with their fashion sense and helps elevate their game.  Here are some pieces that will definitely catch their eye.


Titanium Collar Stays

Have you ever noticed how his collars never seem to fall flat?  Even if you’ve never really paid any attention to it, sharply shaped collars give the overall look a clean and crisp finish.  Sure a shirt will have crisp collars just off the rack, but they will fall flat after washing and drying.  This is a sad fact of life and no matter how hard they ask their cleaners to press the shirt, those collars will always fall limp sooner or later.


That’s where stays come into play.  Usually made of materials like plastic or cardboard, stays are shaped and designed to fit in a sneakily design spot under the collars.  These serve to prop up the once erect collars back to their former glory.  But your man is a special kind of man and he needs a special kind of stay, like these of the titanium variety.  Made of ultralight yet super strong titanium, he won’t even notice they’re there.  However, if he needs to put on the spy gloves, these stays double as a multi-tool that includes bottle opener, thread cutter and screwdriver.  MacGyver eat your heart out.


G10 Military Watch

Believe it or not, “tacticool” is a real thing.  By merging gritty functional military stylings with sleek and elegant fashion, G10 has created a line of watches that appeals to those who want to show that they still have a rugged edge.  Inspired by watches from the Vietnam-war era are imbued with quartz movement for precision timing, the ability to resist up to 50 meters of water and the classic 18mm Nato strap which lends it its signature tactical feel.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Tekoa Boot

Everyone from rock stars to celebrities, from politicians to common folk have rocked Chucks.  It is without question the most iconic product in Converse’s entire catalogue.  It can be dressed down for a day at the park or can be dressed up and worn with suits.  This versatile yet eye-catching shoe is taken to a whole new level with their latest release.  The super-grippy rubberized soles and lined interior ensures that its wearer not only enjoys a comfortable shoe, but it is its black on black motif that allows them to be worn with style.  It is difficult to put into words why you should get your man a pair of these, but suffice it to say that we have yet to meet a man who would pass up a chance to own a pair of these All-Stars.  With the Tekoa boot he will be equally ready to take on a light trail or an elegant dinner meal with his special somebody.


Aviator 2 by Ministry of Supply

No gift list for the dapper man is complete without a suit.  Ministry of Supply wants to beat everyone to the podium (literally) with their Aviator 2.  Designed for the active yet stylish man in mind, the Aviator 2 utilizes 4-way stretch fabrics that are more at home on apparel worn by skiers, runners and athletes than in a boardroom.  The highly breathable fabric ensures that your man stay cool under all sorts of pressure.


Coming in a range of colors which includes classics like black, navy and charcoal, but also in lighter and more modern khaki and light grey.  The best part, say goodbye to those expensive dry cleaning bills.  Just throw the Aviator 2 suit into the wash and be done with it.  This suit was made for movement.  Give your man the freedom to plot his own course in fashion, in life and in business.  Gift him the Aviator 2 and give him the ability to always be ready for life’s challenges.