Perfect Gifts for International Man of Mystery

He travels often, is as comfortable in a bespoke suit as he is in the wilds of Africa.  Is he a spy?  Some foreign aid worker? Photographer?  Or is he just one of those rare breeds of men that loves to see the world and all its glory.  If so, then he might enjoy some of these goodies below.


Tortuga Travel Backpack

What is considered perhaps the best priced, feature loaded, largest capacity carry-on with a decent price tag, the Tortuga Backpack is the quintessential backpack for travelers.  Tortuga’s flagship pack has 44L of packing space, can fit a 17” laptop, has plenty of pockets and easily accessible compartments.  The best part, it folds flat which as any traveler would know is a luxury in and of itself.  Items are easily misplaced or lost when top-loading backpacks are involved.  A comfortable hip belt and comfortable but study handles round off the prominent features of the Tortuga.  Designed by travelers for travelers, the Tortuga Travel Backpack is a must have for the jetsetter in your life.


Tumi Pax Patrol Jacket

Tumi may not be the biggest brand on the market, but its Pax Patrol Jacket is sure to make waves.  The perfect jacket for the consummate traveler, the Pax Patrol not only offers comfort as a lightweight down jacket, it’s also warm and water-resistant.  But what makes it key for travelers is its ability to be compressed and transformed into a travel pillow!  That’s right, with a couple of rolls and zips, this highly engineered jacket becomes the salvation heads and necks on those long bus and plane rides.  The Pax Patrol packs all this goodness in 0.34 kg in weight which will barely add any weight in your travelers bag or back.


Bose QuietComfort 20,2817,2423090,00.asp

If there is one gift that you must absolutely consider for your globetrotting man, then get him something that would save his sanity while on the road.  Nothing grates on a traveler’s nerves more than random and annoying noise when they are trying to get some sleep or quiet moments.  The Bose QuietComfort 20 is ranked by the highest by PCmag in their noise-cancelling headset category.  Bose has always been known for its understated style, letting the functionality speak more than its flash.  The QuietComfort 20 is no different with its grey and black colors.  What it lacks in looks it makes up for in performance.  Bose has always exceled in the field of noise-cancelling and the QuietComfort 20 takes it to a new level.  Whether they’re pumping white noise, music or a podcast, your jetsetter will feel like they’ve literally closed the door on the world.  No longer will they have to resist the urge to lash out at crying babies, chatty Cathy’s and the token snoring guy.  This in-ear headset will allow them the peace and quiet they need and deserve.  Their earbud form means that they don’t take up much space in their bags or pockets, unlike bulky over-ear headsets.