Unleash His Spartan

The rise of combat sports over the last decade and a half has catapulted the martials arts back into the mainstream.  While not everyone that practices jiu jitsu, MMA or karate is training to fight in the UFC, many are using these sports to condition their bodies, get into shape, enjoy camaraderie and just have plain old fun.  If you have a man in your life that enjoys this then it may be a good idea to get him one or two of the following really masculine gifts.


Shoyoroll BJJ Gi


Brazillian Jiu Jitsu has erupted in popularity in North America as of late.  Its roots come from Japan, but it was the legendary Gracie family of Brazil that has brought it to the heights that it is known today.  Everyone from legendary figures in the sport, to elite competitors of the sport, all the way down to the casual practitioner trust the quality that Shoyoroll brings to the table with all their products but especially with their gi’s.  The gi is the standard uniform of a “jiujitero”, it is their armor and in a sport that seamlessly integrates brutal force, high level technique with elegant movements, you better be sure that your armor does not rip, tear or wear away.  Shoyoroll is committed to providing their customers with the best engineered products that uses the latest technology and manufacturing techniques while still paying homage to the traditions of old.


Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis MMA Headgear


Just because he like to play rough doesn’t mean that his face should pay the price.  Hayabusa has been known to produce some of the best training and athletic products in the MMA market since the early days of the sport.  The Tokushu Regenesis Headgear is built for the MMA practitioner in mind but it does just as well for boxers and kickboxers.  The patented T-closure system ensures a tight and snug fit without sacrificing comfort or mobility.  The cheek, chin and forehead padding are plum, robust and optimized for maximum protection.  Hayabusa built this headgear with one thing in their mind, to allow him to train without being hurt.  Rest assured that this product delivers and due to the amount of technology and craftsmanship they put into their products, it actually works.


Diamond MMA Cup


Diamond MMA makes one thing and they make it remarkably well.  Fighters, professionals and casual practitioners literally entrust it with their futures.  Diamond MMA carefully crafted their cup system to ensure proper fit and coverage of a man’s most sensitive area.  The cup itself has been engineered to maximize deflection and shock absorption.  Its design means that it won’t shatter, crack, move or accidentally slip, all things that can turn a man’s day into a bad one in a split second.  It was built with the MMA community in mind so it can be applied to a whole host of sports and martial arts as well.  If they are engaging in an activity where they need to protect their groin then get them the Diamond MMA Cup…right away, like right now.